Tongeren is located in the heart of Haspengouw and comprises 17 church villages, all of which give a unique appearance to the surrounding landscape.

Haspengouw is the place to be to celebrate life. Regional gastronomy, freshly picked fruit, fresh beer from Limburg … More information about Haspengouw can be found at www.haspengouw.be or toerisme-limburg.be.

Besides Tongeren and its church villages the following locations are definitely worth visiting: Borgloon, Bilzen, Sint-Truiden, Riemst, …

A few must-sees: Wine Castle Genoelselderen – The Grand Commandery of Alden Biesen (alden-biesen.be) – Several cycling and hiking routes (toerisme-limburg.be) – Wellnesscenter Sané (sane-thermen.be).

Antiques and flea market

Tongeren is known for the largest antiques and flea market in the Benelux. Every Sunday, more than 350 antique dealers display their best goods and thousands of people browse between old books and lots of antique and collectibles to find the ultimate treasure. You will meet several Europeans but also Americans or even Japanese or the odd Chinese visitor.

In short, Tongeren is a global meeting place on Sundays, and that’s what makes the antique market so charming.

Gallo-Roman Museum and Teseum

The renewed Gallo-Roman Museum is definitely worth a visit, its permanent exhibition as well as its annual temporary exhibition.

The Teseum houses two museums, one with the church treasures of the basilica and the other tells a story of stones in the underground of the basilica. For more information about the museum and other tourist attractions and activities, please visit the website of the city of Tongeren.

Culinary delights

If you want to enjoy a nice meal, you won’t have to go far.

In and around Tongeren