Green Key label

We, Domenica and Marc, want to minimize the ecological footprint of our B&B De Dubbelmolen. We want to offer our guests a comfortable stay with care for nature, the environment and surroundings.

All renovations were carried out with sustainability in mind: photovoltaic solar panels, solar boiler, rainwater recovery, condensing boiler, roof insulation, but also energy-efficient lighting and appliances. Water-saving measures were applied to taps and toilets.

In the day-to-day operation, the various waste flows are managed for recycling. Towels are also sufficiently reused and washing programs in the dishwasher and washing machine were reviewed. In addition, we only use cleaning products with Ecolabel.

Even purchases are centralized to one supplier, so that the relocations are minimal.

We are therefore very proud of achieving the Green Key label.

Of course, achieving this label is not the end point, but a start to continue working on ecological management. We are evolving step by step, with every choice we think about how we can continue on the road to sustainability.